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Ink Conversion Kit

I installed the conversion kit on my Epson WF7620 and the ink is flowing nicely. I use the icc profile suggested by Cosmos. It does seem a bit dark, but, I think it is more due to the photograph that I used vs. the ink. My photo was a bit on the dark side. I did do a t-shirt with a purchased png file and I managed to scorch it, but the ink looked good, even though it was a cotton tshirt on the sub spray.

Converted HP WF printer

Loving this ink!! Picture after first wash

So far so good. The ink is beautiful when pressed.

Epson EcoTank Printer Sublimation Ink Refills | Cosmos InkĀ®

The ink is very bright and hardly any ink left on the paper will be ordering again soon thank you for a wonderful product

SG400/SG800 Cartridges | Cosmos InkĀ®
Rhonda Gillis (Castle Rock, US)
Neon ink

Love the neon ink we got from cosmos ink. Our sales have gotten a huge boost just by adding these awesome inks

Great product

Iā€™ve been using cosmos ink for a few years great product last very long time. Wonā€™t go anywhere else to buy very recommended

Love šŸ’• It

We purchased Cosmos Ink to convert an Epson Eco-tank for sublimation. Weā€™d never used sublimation and now we are hooked.

Best ink for my Epson!!!

My 3rd time ordering and love this ink and the consistency I get from this ink! Great price and fast shipping!


Cosmos Ink Supplies are always reliable, I have never had a problem.

Sublimation ink

Awesome product!
Smooth printing & awesome transfer quality

Epson Printer Sublimation Ink Refils

I love this ink and it arrived on time and the price is great.

Epson 15000

I am loving the picture created with this ink. I still need to work at it to get popping pictures. Looking for a good quality video on the ICC profile. I will definitely purchase again

Cosmos Sublimation for Epson

Great product. True colors. Didnā€™t have to change my color profiles. Great customer service too.

GREAT Product

I'm new to sublimation and am using an Epson ET-2803 printer. After much research I decided on using Cosmos Ink and that's what I bought for my initial fill in the tanks. Easy to do. No mess. Great colors. Reasonably priced. Since I had pretty much used the complete kit on my initial fill of the tanks, I bought a second set of refills to have on hand because I'm so pleased with this produce. Thank you Cosmos Ink!

Epson EcoTank Printer Sublimation Ink Refills | Cosmos InkĀ®

Cosmos Sub Ink for ET8550

So far, ink is amazing! Only used it a few times as Iā€™m still working on getting colors, temp and time in the right niche. But so far, so good!

Epson Printer Sublimation Ink Refills | Cosmos InkĀ®
Nicole Allensworth (Cogan Station, US)
The Best

I started with Cosmos Ink and I'll continue to be a customer as long as they offer this ink. It's so easy to use and the colors are vibrant on finished products! Thanks Cosmos! The BEST!!

Hands Down the BEST!

I could not believe the color release, and the tutorials make utilizing the product a breeze! I have to admit I was pretty skeptical and hesitant to jump on the sublimation bandwagon, now I am so glad I did and even more pleased to admit I started my journey with Cosmos!

My photo is of my first sublimated Canvas I did for a friend of mine when her dad passed away. She still thanks me for making this for her and I also wanted to thank Cosmos for providing such a great product that even in a time of sadness I was still able to bring a little joy to a friend when she needed it the most!

Great Ink and awesome colors!! Easy to convert!

It simply amazed me how the colors come out and the user friendly the conversion was!!

Vivid Prints

Amazing results and I wonā€™t use anything else. Price is wonderful but not as wonder as their customer service.

Florescent Ink

I am disappointed that the bottles were not full bottles. I have read comment stating they are not full due to the possibility of the ink leaking or spilling. I have order several other brands in regular sublimation ink and their bottles are full. I am disappointed, but I will have to order from cosmos ink until another company offers Florescent ink full bottles.

Excellent Ink!

I have been buying and using cosmos ink since 2020. They hands down have some of the very best ink. They are helpful also. They really try to make sure that you get the best experience with using their product. Iā€™m almost out and getting ready to purchase more!!!!

P. Sanders

I could not be any more satisfied than I am with Cosmoā€™s Ink!! Iā€™ve never used any other brand, and frankly, donā€™t think I ever will - you simply canā€™t improve on perfect. An added Cosmoā€™s service worth rating, is all of the helpful YouTube videos the owner has made. I recommend Cosmoā€™s Ink Co, to others on a on a daily basis, because I believe good things are worth sharing. Verified Reviews Badge
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