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Excelente servicio, todo llego muy bien y sĆŗper rĆ”pido, ademas que me enviaron papel para sublimar de regalo y es excelente de muy buena calidad. Los recomiendo . Gracias šŸ¤©


I love the refills because they are easy to useā€¦no spills.

Sublimation Paper | Cosmos InkĀ®
Teri Goodridge (Philadelphia, US)
Wilmington de

Love it & will order mote

Sublimation Paper | Cosmos InkĀ®
Rabecca G (Charlotte, US)
Great ink!

I have loved the quality of these inks and how beautifully they sublimate onto a variety of blanks!

When I try to get in touch with someone about the product, I didnā€™t like that. I couldnā€™t speak to someone on the phone. Some people are not acknowledge of what they are ordering, so I think that they should make a better selection for people so they can be able to speak to someone live thank you.

Sublimation Paper | Cosmos InkĀ®
Kattia Barley Anderson (Crown Haven, BS)
Excellent quality paper

Excellent paper, the sublimation quality is great and it transfers great. I will definitely purchase again

Sublimation T-Shirt Blank | Cosmos InkĀ®

Good Ink

This ink is really good and the only ink I use.

Epson EcoTank Printer Sublimation Ink Refills | Cosmos InkĀ®


Fast shipping and great ink release

From what I had in the machine.

I love the ink with this printer I did order ink and it was shipped but someone stole it from my porch. Iā€™m on a tight budget canā€™t reorder but what I did have left in the machine I loved the ink.

Epson EcoTank Printer Sublimation Ink Refills | Cosmos InkĀ®

Sublimation Paper | Cosmos InkĀ®
Tina Hayes (Gainesville, US)
Sublimation paper

I wasnā€™t impressed with the sublimation paper. I actually purchased 2 packs to finish a project because the company I normally use was out. I only use a handful and it was an eoic failure, I was really disappointed and had to wait for the other company to restock. I will not order the paper in the future.

Amazing, great products

I have been using cosmos ink for almost 2 years and wouldnā€™t have it any other way. Colors are vibrant, the bottles are easy to use. Will continue to support the

Sublimation Ink

Excellent choice for ecotank submlimation ink. Impressive vibrant color results.

Wonderful product

Wonderful product and quick shipping! The paper was a bonus! I have been using both and so far no issues and great quality prints!

Great Ink!

I will never order another brand of ink! Great quality, vibrant colors and the color profile is included with the sale. Not to mention step by step videos on how to install and set up your printer. Thanks, Cosmos Ink!

Epson Printer Sublimation Ink Refills | Cosmos InkĀ®

Sublimation Paper | Cosmos InkĀ®
Anntionette Davis- Brown (Austin, US)

Sublimation Paper | Cosmos InkĀ®

Sublimation Paper | Cosmos InkĀ®
Patrice Malcolm (Oklahoma City, US)


Sublimation Paper | Cosmos InkĀ®
Carla Spears (Villa Rica, US)
Does great paper

Dose great

Sublimation Paper | Cosmos InkĀ®
yahaira rodriguez (Manchester, US)

Sublimation Paper | Cosmos InkĀ®

Sublimation Paper | Cosmos InkĀ®
Robin Hitchcock (Johnstown, US)
Cosmos Sublimation Paper

It seems to be a perfect match for the Cosmos Inks. My only reason for rating it 4 stars is because when you tear or cut the paper, dust residue is excessive, which is something I haven't found with the other papers I've used. Other than that, I will purchase again.

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