How to Sublimate A Coffee Mug ep: 16

How to Sublimate A Coffee Mug ep: 16

Angelo BonaparteAug 1, '19

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Welcome back to my channel and another sublimation video!! In today's video, I will be showing you how to sublimate coffee mugs!! In my opinion, I find it more convenient to use a coffee mug press vs a convection oven due to it being more fast pace for smaller orders. With that being said, you'll need the following items below to complete this tutorial:

Sublimation Printer:
Epson WF-7710 or WF-7720 "How To Build A Sublimation Printer":

"Cosmos Ink" Sublimation Ink:
Direct Website:

Heat Press Nation
Heat Tape:
Heat Tape Holder/Dispenser:
HPN™ Signature Series™ Mug Press
Machine + 2 Attachments:
Machine + 4 Attachments:
Machine + 6 Attachments:

Conde (CALL IN and mention "Sublimation Cove" for discounted pricing.....YOUR ORDER MUST BE CALLED IN)
15 oz Coffee Mug (MUG15):

Coastal Business Supplies
Image Right Sublimation Paper:

Sam's Club
Unwaxed Butcher Paper:

Bowl of Lukewarm Water to submerge finished cup. WARNING: PLEASE DO NOT SIT YOUR BOWL OF WATER NEAR YOUR HEAT PRESS.

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