DIY All Over Sublimation T-Shirt with Small Heat Press ep: 17 (part 1, 2, and 3)

DIY All Over Sublimation T-Shirt with Small Heat Press ep: 17 (part 1, 2, and 3)

Angelo BonaparteAug 1, '19

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Welcome to another sublimation tutorial! While scouring YouTube, I was unable to find any video covering how to perform all over sublimation on a smaller style heat press. So in this video, I will be covering the method I use to complete all over sublimation on a smaller at-home style heat press.


Part  1: Computer Setup and Template Explanation/Tutorial

Part 2: Cutting and Placing Multiple Sheets Together


Part 3: Sublimating The Shirt

For Sublimation Ink, please visit our website:
Cosmos Ink:

IT'S FINALLY HERE!!! In this mini-series, I will be showing you how to perform all over sublimation on a at home PORTRAIT STYLE 16" x 20" or 16" x 24" heat press. For convenience , this series will be broken down into the following three parts:

Part 1: How to use the design template for all over sublimation and printing.

Part 2: How to piece together your images after printing.

Part 3: How to press your image onto the shirt.

The following is a list of items needed to complete each part of this series:

Part 1:
Affinity Designer:


Epson WF-7710 or WF-7720:
WF-7710 -
WF-7720 -

Coastal Business Supplies
13" x 19" Image Right Sublimation Paper:

Cosmos Ink Sublimation Ink Conversion Kit:
Direct Website:

Jerzees 21M:
Jerzees 21WR:
Jerzees 21B:

Part 2:
Heat Tape:

Tape Dispenser:

X-Acto 24" Square Paper Trimmer:

Part 3:
HPN™ Signature Series™ 16" x 20" Auto-Open Drawer:

1/8" thick Hardboard Tempered Panel

Heat Tape:

Tape Dispenser:

48" Kraft Paper:

18" Butcher Paper Cutter:

18" Butcher Paper:

Lint Roller: Walmart, Dollar Store, ect...

Want to know how to build your own sublimation printer? Watch our setup video!!
Epson WF-7710 or WF-7720 "How To Build A Sublimation Printer":

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