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It's FINALLY HERE!!!! Feast your eyes upon the thickest sublimation shirt currently on the market....Introducing, the Cosmos Ink: Sublimation T-Shirt..

As a lot of you may know, it is extremely hard to find a nice, thick, non-shiny shirt for sublimation. This was a HUGE issue within our community because we love the feel of cotton, with the look of a fashionable t-shirt. Well look no further because here you have it!

Best Sublimation T-Shirt

Why choose our shirts over our competitors?

100% Ring-spun Polyester: The processes for creating regular polyester and ring-spun polyester are totally different. Regular polyester is made from fibers that are twisted together to make yarn, which is then woven to make material. Most of the industry standard sublimation t-shirts are regular manufactured shirts because the cost of polyester is considerably higher than cotton. So to maximize profit margins, they'd rather sell you the cheap stuff. Regular polyester is less expensive to make, which means it’s a big seller. Ring-spun polyester, on the other hand, is completely different. Ring-spun yarn is made by twisting and thinning the polyester strands to make a very fine, strong, soft rope of polyester fibers. Ring-spun poly t-shirts are more durable and last longer than their regular counterparts, but will also be more expensive, too.

-Hold More Sub Ink: Yes you read that right. Our shirts hold MORE sublimation than our competitors. Due to the shirts being ring-spun polyester, the overall knit is tighter, which means less small holes on your shirt in between the woven threads. Which leads us to the next best thing, the least see-through shirt currently available. 

-Hardly See-Through: Another great thing about ring-spun polyester is that since the holes in between the threads are smaller, that means the transparency of the shirt is minimal. No more wearing a shirt but still feeling like your naked lol.

-Non-Shiny but Still Bright White: Every time we mention a polyester shirt to our clients, their faces turn and they always say "It isn't that shiny kind of polyester shirt is it?" Well we can finally say NO! The shiny shirts are generally performance sports wear. However, these are not that at all! Our shirts are fashionable style shirts that you would shop at a major retail store to buy but without paying that high price-tag for. Plus they're bright white. 

-Nice Fit: Have you ever put on a t-shirt and it feels like its just hugging you like your grandmother? Not to hard, not too loose, but just right. That is exactly how this shirt feels. It's not too loose and dangly, but not a muscle shirt either. If i could compare it to any shirt fit, i'd compare it to the Bella Canvas 3001C model t-shirt.

-Are you tall?: Last but not least, this shirt is GREAT for tall people. Personally, I'm 6'3", so I know how hard it is to find the right size t-shirt. We always run into the same two scenarios: either the shirt fits the length of our arms but is too short on the bottom, or the shirt fits the bottom but now the shirt is too big/loose. With this shirt, i can honestly say that if you put it on and extend both arms above your head in full-reach, your shirt won't come above your belt!! But because the shirt is a tad stretchy, your shirt won't look like a night gown either. It's a perfect fit. Pretty impressive huh?

-T-Shirt Bag: Want a professional look? EACH and EVERY shirt comes in its own transparent polyurethane t-shirt bag!!

So with all that being said, and for 100% honesty/transparency purposes, this shirt is not a lay flt shirt. Because its a slight fitted shirt, it WILL NOT lay completely flat for all-over t-shirt subbing. 

With that being said, we've pretty much covered everything, but before we head out, I want to leave a very useful piece of information. Are you just starting out and want to know the time/temp to sublimate a t-shirt? Well I have a YouTube Channel called Caps On Fire and its dedicated to give you all information you need. Want to learn how to sub a shirt in a few minutes? Watch my tutorial video below.


How To Sublimate A Shirt ep: 13

Customer Reviews

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lora jones (El Dorado, US)
Excellent Quality

Great quality products - would like the opportunity to purchase larger quantity as a less price

Shelia Jones McCulloch AATFFEC (Orlando, US)
Cosmos T-Shirts R G-R-E-A-T!!!

I just love these T-Shirts, the print & the feel. The fit for our Krewe was G-R-E-A-T!!! I will b ordering more soon.
Thank for the GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE, Fastest Shipment, & Quick Responses.🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾❤️❤️💯

T Eubanks (Lynchburg, US)
Only ink I use

I have two sublimation printers and both are filled with cosmos ink. Only ink I will use

S.M. (Summerton, US)
Love, but...

I wrote a previous review when these shirts first came out and I loved them; I still do. I do have one observation, however. I use a Cricut EasyPress 2. I normally have no problems with the sublimations I do using my EasyPress. The recent order I made of Cosmos Ink Shirts are leaving a line in the middle when I have to press two places because of the image size. When I use a Cricut shirt, I don't get that line on larger images. I'm not sure if something in the manufacturing changed since the shirts were first manufactured. I did not have that problem before. I do notice a sheen in the fabric, which I love. That sheet was not there when I first placed my order. I know that most people use a heat press, and I will eventually; but, my EasyPress is working great for me now; except when I have larger images and have to press twice. Like I said, I don't get the line when I use a cricut shirt; but, I do with the Cosmos Shirts. When that problem is resolved, I will return to review and give the shirts 5 stars.

Nice shirts but..

I like that the shirts are not really thin and see thru like most 100% polyester shirts I have tried. My only complaint is the large tag in the shirt with Cosmos ink logo on them. I understand branding the blanks but I wasn’t expecting such a large tag. The tag is also not removable. This detours me from wanting to repurchase in the future to use within my small business. I would prefer the focus to be on my brand and what I’m selling rather than the brand of the sublimation blank I purchased. I do want to say the shirts and packaging are good quality. If the large tag isn’t an issue for you this may be the perfect shirt for you !

Jennifer Winsley (Chicago, US)

Sublimation T-Shirt Blank | Cosmos Ink®

Tanisha Candler (Long Beach, US)
Cosmo T-shirt

T-shirts have a great feeling and they feel like cotton t-shirts. They sub very well

Racquel Maxwell (Anderson, US)
Great Quality

I needed 3 & 4 XL shirts and I got them in time to fill an order and the price was wonderful and the customer loved her shirt

Eva Webb (Little River, US)
Cosmos Ink t-shirts

I as well as my customers love the tshirts the feel the fit is perfect!

Ms Kiki Mount (Marietta, US)

Shirts are good quality and that's always a plus! the ink is AMAZING!!! I drive from Marietta Ga just to experience the BEST customer service ever!!! the only thing i can't grasp is the MON-FRI and closing at 4:30pm when most people don't get off til 5 or 6. Maybe consider opening 8-noon on Saturdays or have VIP hours only from 9-noon. Verified Reviews Badge
Verified Reviews