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This downloadable template will fit the 13.5" Socks (item number: Sock46) sold by Conde AFTER PLACED ON THE STRAIGHT SOCK JIG (also sold by Conde).

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Welcome to my custom made Sock46 Template!! After sublimating some socks, I found it difficult to get the correct measurements for socks while designing them on the computer. So after some designing, i came up with the PERFECT sock template for all your designing needs.

My Socks include the following special features:
-Bleed edges...This allows your sock to be fully covered by your deign.
-Perfect SIZE ACCORDING TO PIXELS AND INCHES!!...No more trying to guess if your sock will fit perfectly on your sublimation paper.
-Border Lines....This will be a perfect border which will let you know exactly what will fit on your socks.
-Separated background and foreground with a transparent background... This allows you to stack your image in layers and turn them on and off for better visibility.

This download will include the following files:
-Sock46 Black Foreground (PNG Transparent)
-Sock46 White Background (PNG Transparent)
-Sock46 Gimp Template (Gimp file with images already placed)

This downloadable template will fit the 13.5" Socks (item number: Sock46) sold by Conde AFTER PLACED ON THE STRAIGHT SOCK JIG (also sold by Conde).

Thank you for your support and if you have any questions or need any help, please subscribe to my YouTube Channel "Caps On Fire" for tutorials.

Below are the direct links to the tutorials on how to use this template and how to Sublimate your own socks:

How to Design Socks for Sublimation ep: 03

How to Sublimate Socks ep: 04

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Derek Hubbard (Orange Park, US)

Sock46 Design Template

Debra Roark (Kansas City, US)
Sock template


Michele Stone (Rockford, US)

Sock46 Design Template

chancey Binns (Jonesboro, US)

Sock46 Design Template

Errica (Hermitage, US)
Sock template

I was only able to download one of the templates. I send a message to Angelo but I never received a response. So I sent one to the contact page but still no answer. I can download the black one but the white one doesn’t work for either sock 46 or 47. I could be doing something wrong not please advise me on how to Use it. I sent Angelo a video to explain what I am seeing.

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