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Epson Printer Fluorescent Sublimation Ink Refills | Cosmos Ink®


PLEASE READ: This is just the Fluorescent Sublimation Ink Bottles for Epson EcoTank Printers, and not the conversion kit. If this is your first time purchasing fluorescent sublimation ink, YOU WILL NEED A DEDICATED MAGENTA AND YELLOW CARTRIDGE THAT'S COMPATIBLE WITH YOUR PRINTER FOR YOUR FLUORESCENT SUBLIMATION INK. Do not mix regular sublimation ink with fluorescent sublimation ink as this WILL result in cross-contamination and give you subpar results. 

Welcome to Cosmos Ink. First off, I want to say thank you for showing interest in our "Epson Printer Sublimation Ink Refills". I highly appreciate it and would like to express my deepest gratitude towards you support.

So, you're interested in turning your existing Epson Printer into a Fluorescent Sublimation Printer? Well here you have it!! This is one of the key components you MUST HAVE to convert your existing inkjet printer. Unlike the OEM ink that comes with your printer, you'll need a special type of ink that can turn from a solid into a gas, hence the word "sublimate", and will adhere to polyester fibers and/or polyester coated items. The number one problem that I continuously see with other fluorescent sublimation inks online is that they all have mandatory color profiles that you have to download and install in the correct location on your computer. Which will add extra steps and stress if not done properly. So I've developed an ink that will work with your pre-existing color profiles that were already installed on your computer when you installed your Epson Printer. COLOR PROFILES FOR THIS INK ARE CURRENTLY IN DEVELOPMENT.

Not only that, in the video linked below is how you can create a preset for your printer so you'll never ever have to do any of the annoying steps in order to print your images ever again!!

  • NO MORE mirroring your images before your print!
  • NO MORE changing your paper size before you print!
  • NO MORE color corrections before your print!
  • NO MORE forgetting to choose the right paper tray/cassette to print from!



How to Refill Epson WF Printer Refillable Cartridges

So with that being said, here's what our "Epson Printer Fluorescent Sublimation Ink Refills" comes with:

  • 1, 2, 3, or 4 Bottles of 100mL high quality Cosmos Ink Sublimation Ink which replaces regular magenta and yellow sub ink with Fluorescent Magenta and Fluorescent Yellow Sublimation Ink. Our ink is already formatted for all Epson Printers providing we carry the colors for that printer. No color profiles are needed, however if you want more fine-tuned color gamut, OUR COLOR PROFILES FOR THIS INK ARE CURRENTLY IN DEVELOPMENT. 
  • Syringes to refill your cartridges or CISS.
  • Product and setting tutorials on YouTube and Live Tutorials and Q&A in our Facebook group "Sublimation Cove"

What sets us apart from our competition?

  • Our sublimation ink is manufactured and compatible with all Epson Printers. So no color profiles are necessary. However, if you'd like access to a wider color gamut, you will receive the color profiles via email upon receiving shipping confirmation of your order that was created directly by us and not a third-party.
  • Comes with corresponding needles and syringes to assist you in refilling your cartridges.
  • Super easy setup, anyone can do it!
  • Come with view-able tutorials and help via YouTube and Facebook.

To ensure we're sending your the very best quality sublimation ink we have to offer, when receiving your order we perform a quality check of all sublimation ink, and offer free shipping once you have reached our price-point to qualify for free shipping. Due to this, and the timely process to manufacturing your sublimation ink, if you have any concerns regarding your order, we ask that you reach out to our customer service team Monday-Friday from 9am - 5pm EST directly in the chat box in the lower right-hand corner on our website.

Thank you for visiting my listing. Message us if you have any questions.

Customer Reviews

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Odila Kaywood (Alexander, US)
Simply Amazing

Best and most affordable supplication and pigment ink I have ever used.

Jacqueline Savoie (Port Neches, US)
Love this ink

This ink is amazing

Jerrod Madison (Yukon, US)
my favorite

i will now use florecent ink ONLY

Anonymous (Yukon, US)
So cool

The best uv reactive ink on the market hands down

Craig Robinson (Medford, US)

I wish I had ordered the regular bottles with the tops to fill the printer, instead of the refills. I haven't converted my printer yet, as I'm waiting on my Crafting Besties paper. I am Very excited to get started though!

Fluorescent Ink

Love, love, love! This ink is so vibrant! Now it glows, what more can I ask for.

Ana Campos (Shreveport, US)
Not like

Hello a few days ago I put the ink and I don't know why I don't like how the colors are, they are very opaque, I already did everything they say in the YouTube video and nothing, I bought the phosphorescent one but it doesn't work

Corena McNeil (Sacramento, US)
It’s the color pop for me

This the only ink I will ever use I can’t wait to use the neon colors once the rain stop. Cosmos ink for the win

Alexander Capetillo (Norco, US)

thank you angelo for making the process easy.cant wait for the fluorescent color profile.

Exie V Stevenson (Orlando, US)
Great bright colors

I used this new ink and it look fabulous on the sublimation shirt. Verified Reviews Badge
Verified Reviews