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What You Need For Sublimation? (EP: 03)

Angelo BonaparteJan 9, '19

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    In this episode, I cover what exactly is needed for sublimation. Of course some items are optional, however, I feel that to really get the most out of your sublimation experience, I highly advise everyone to get the following items listed. For convenience, I'll provide a list below separated into two groups: Mandatory and Optional.


    Choose your heat pressĀ (Choose One):

    Heat Press Nation: 16"x20" heat presses

    Choose Your Printer and Sublimation Ink:

    Printers and Sublimation Ink (choose one printer from the recommended vendorsĀ below, and click on sublimation ink provided below):

    Epson WF-7720 (13"x19" max print):


    EcoTank 15000 (13"x19" max print):


    Almost any other EPSON EcoTank / Cartridge based printer. I HIGHLY recommend EcoTanks over cartridge style printers!!!

    Choose your paper:

    Crafting Besties (Sublimation Paper):


    Choose your accessories:

    Heat Press University (Heat Press Essentials Bundle):

    Ā Uline:

    Ā Dollar Store, Walmart, ect:

    • Scissors
    • Lint Brush




    • 24" Xacto Guillotine Paper Trimmer: https://bit.ly/3hy9MFr
      (this makes life a lot easier if you're ganging up multiple images on one sheet of sub paper then cutting it with scissors.)


    Want to learn how to build your own sublimation printer? https://youtu.be/rYD2icw0we8

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