Welcome To My Channel About Sublimation (EP: 01) | Cosmos Ink®

Welcome To My Youtube Channel About Sublimation (EP: 01) | Cosmos Ink®

Angelo BonaparteJan 9, '19

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Welcome to my YouTube Channel. On my channel, I will be uploading new sublimation tutorials weekly, which will include, but not be limited too:

  • DIY Sublimation Printer
  • Sublimating Various Items (Shirts, Hats, Pillows, etc...)
  • Recommended Design Programs
  • How to Convert Your Printer
  • Interviews
  • Shopify Tutorials
  • Facebook Ads Tutorials
  • And much much more!!

Want to learn how to build your own sublimation printer? https://youtu.be/rYD2icw0we8

Cosmos Ink Homepage:

Sublimation Ink Conversion Kit (if you already have an Epson Printer): https://bit.ly/2Rw4OMq

Sublimation Ink Set (if you need refills or already own an empty CISS or Refillable Cartridges): https://bit.ly/2D371tD

My videos will be including in-depth information like materials needed, temperature, time settings, and various tips and tricks that I've learned overtime. So if you're a beginner, this will be very helpful to get you off the ground running.

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