How To Sublimate A Shirt ep: 13

How To Sublimate A Shirt ep: 13

Angelo BonaparteJan 10, '19

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Welcome to another awesome tutorial!! In this video, I will be showing you how to sublimate a T-Shirt!! This video will include all the steps from A-Z, and will come with all the links to the products I'm using!!

Want to learn how to build your own sublimation printer?

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Printer able to convert into a Sublimation Printer:


Cosmos Ink:
"Cosmos Ink" Sublimation Ink Conversion Kit:

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Sam's Club
Unwaxed Butcher Paper:

Dollar Store, Walmart, ect:
Lint Brush

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5"x8" Teflon Pillow:

15" Guillotine Cutter:

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