Shopify Tutorial Series | Cosmos Ink™

Shopify Tutorial Series | Cosmos Ink™

Angelo BonaparteFeb 23, '21

EP 01: Welcome to My Shopify Tutorial

EP 02: Initial Shopify Account Walk Through

EP 03: Selecting A Shopify Plan

EP 04: Add Domain, Confirmation Email, and Setup Shopify Payments

EP 05: General Settings for Shopify

EP 06: Locations Settings for Shopify

EP 07: Plans and Permissions Settings for Shopify

EP 08: Payments Settings for Shopify

EP 09: Notifications Settings in Shopify

EP 10: Store Languages Settings for Shopify

EP 11: Checkout Settings in Shopify

EP 12: Gift Cards Settings (part 1) in Shopify

EP 13: Billing Settings in Shopify

EP 14: Files Settings in Shopify

EP 15: Legal Settings in Shopify

EP 16: Taxes Settings in Shopify

EP 17: Sales Channels Settings

EP 18: Preferences (Online Store) in Shopify

EP 19: How to Add A Product (products) in Shopify

EP 20: Setting Up Inventory (products) in Shopify

EP 21: How to Setup Collections (products) in Shopify

EP 22: Setting Up Gift Cards (part 2) (products) in Shopify

EP 23: Customer Management in Shopify

EP 24: Setting Up Discounts

EP 25: Setting Up Your Theme (online store) in Shopify

EP 26: Overview of Apps and Recommendations (apps) in Shopify

EP 27: Best Custom Product Options Tutorial (apps) in Shopify

EP 28: Setting Up Shipping and Delivery (settings) in Shopify

EP 29: Website Going Live in Shopify

EP 30: Thank You For Watching Our Shopify Tutorial Series

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