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Sublimation Ink Conversion Kit for Epson WF-7840 and WF-7820

Sublimation Ink Kit Description 


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Epson WF-7820:

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•Epson WF-7820

•Epson WF-7840

Welcome to Caps On Fire / Cosmos Ink. First off, I want to say thank you for showing interest in our "Sublimation Ink Conversion Kit." I highly appreciate it and would like to express my gratitude.'re interested in turning your existing Epson Workforce Printer into a Sublimation Printer? Well here you have it!! This is one of the key components your MUST HAVE to convert your existing printer. Unlike the OEM ink that comes with your printer, you'll need a special type of ink that can turn from a solid into a gas, hence the word "sublimate", and will adhere to polyester fibers and/or polyester coated items. The number one problem that I continuously see with other sublimation inks online is that they all have color profiles that you have to download and install in the correct location on your computer. Which will add extra steps and stress if the colors of your prints are not matching the colors of your design on your computer screen. So I've developed an ink that will work with your pre-existing color profiles that were already installed on your computer when you installed your Epson WF Printer. 


Not only that, in the video linked below is how you can create a preset for your printer so you'll never ever have to do any of the annoying steps in order to print your images ever again!!

-NO MORE mirroring your images before your print!

-NO MORE changing your paper size before you print!

-NO MORE color corrections before your print!

-NO MORE forgetting to choose the right paper tray/cassette to print from!

-Free Shipping to any of the 50 states for orders totaling over $100



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What's Included:

-Brand New Refillable Cartridges.

-Syringes to refill your cartridges.

-4 Bottles of 100mL high quality Cosmos Ink. Which is already formatted for the Epson WF Printers. No color profiles are needed. However, if you'd like access to a wider color gamut, you will receive the color profiles via email upon receiving shipping confirmation of your order. A slight modification to your printer settings may be required but that will be on the YouTube Tutorials Channel.

-Product and setting tutorials on YouTube and Live Tutorials and Q&A in our Facebook group "Sublimation Cove" 

-Instructions. Once we ship out your order, you'll receive an email with a PDF attachment of the instructions. Feel free to setup your printer and print these out while your conversion kit is on the way. (DO NOT THROW AWAY THE INSTRUCTIONS)

-Free Shipping to any of the 50 states for orders totaling over $100


Best Sublimation Ink

What sets us apart from our competition?

-Our Ink is manufactured for the Epson WF-7820 and the WF-7840. So no color profiles are necessary. However, if you'd like access to a wider color gamut, you will receive the color profiles via email upon receiving shipping confirmation of your order.

-Comes with four needle and four syringes to assist you in refilling your cartridges. 

-Super easy setup, anyone can do it!

-Come with view-able tutorials and help via YouTube and Facebook.

-Free Shipping to any of the 50 states for orders totaling over $100

To ensure we're sending your the very best quality inks we have to offer, when receiving your order we perform a quality check of all inks, and offer free shipping if the free shipping threshold is met. 

Thank you for visiting my listing. Message me if you have any questions.

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Any idea of about when there will be cartridges or the WF-7820 or should I just get a printer you have cartridges for???

Epson 7820/7840 temporary f

If you have a new Epson 7820/7840 and want to sublimate then right now your ONLY option is to buy a refillable cartridge that will work in these printers and just add your ink. THE CATCH: you will HAVE to buy the actual EPSON ink cartridges, remove the chip from the original ink cartridge for each color and put that chip on each refillable cartridge. These chips can NOT be reset so when you need to refill the sublimation ink you are going to have to purchase the Epson ink again to get a new chip. There are videos on YouTube to show you what you need and how to do it.
So for those of you who have these printers and can’t wait to sublimate (and still have it in your box and can’t return it) I suggest you sell it and find something different. It’s probably going to be awhile before they come out with anything since these printers are new. Furthermore for those of you bashing this company because they don’t have a conversion kit... just stop. All the other companies are having the same issue and giving these folks a bad rating for nothing is not helpful.

Time to look elsewhere?

Bring ridiculous that there is no update to whether this is even coming out.


Any idea when you will have the conversion kit for the 7820?

WF 7820/ WF7840

What is the ETA on the release date of this ink and empty cartridges printer is still in box awaiting the use of your ink.

Anxiously Waiting.....

Any news on when this will be available? I cannot wait to open my printer and get going! :)

Waiting for refill for wf-7820

PATIENTLY waiting for this to FINALLY be available so I can actually open my printer! 🥰

An Update would be Great

A friend of mine recommended that I subscribe to Sublimation Cove on FB and I purchased this printer (7820) which is the updated version of the 7720, which are sold out everywhere I've looked, including Epson. I bought it due to this post that this conversion kit would be available soon. Now its too late to return the printer and so far STILL no word or update on when this will be announced. Will this product ever come/return to market? An estimated time frame would be great for us customers trying to wait for this brand.

I can't wait!

I chose this printer in anticipation of this kit. I will use the blanks for now, but hope this is going to happen!

Look Elsewhere——

eBay sells ink and empty cartridges that work with the WF 7820. Just thought I’d mention it since some of you have printers sitting in boxes not being used due to Cosmos not getting it done. Verified Reviews Badge
Verified Reviews