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Are you tired of paying over $300 for OEM Sawgrass Cartridges? Well look no further!! We have just added our own line of Sawgrass SG400 and SG800 compatible cartridges, which will only cost a fraction of the price but still deliver the same standout quality!!!

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What sets us apart from our competition?
-Free Shipping to any of the 50 states for orders totaling over $100
-XL Black Cartridge
-Super easy setup, anyone can do it!
-Support from a facebook group of over 6,000 members and growing daily!! "Sublimation Cove"

Why use our aftermarket ink?
-As stated above, the original ink from the manufacturer will cost $77 per cartridge or over $300 for a set of all four. This can add up very quickly, especially if you print daily. The pros of using the original ink is that it won't effect your warranty and will also show the ink levels. HOWEVER your Sawgrass printer only comes with a one year warranty out of the box. At that point, it makes more sense financially to use our aftermarket ink since the warranty has already expired anyway for your printer. The savings will show on your bottom-line, which at that point you can have more money to put towards other efforts like marketing, upgrading equipment, and so on.

-Using our aftermarket inks will void the warranty of your printer. So to that end, we advise that you wait until your warranty period is over or you're extremely close to the end. 
-Ink levels will not show for any aftermarket ink.

To ensure we're sending your the very best quality inks we have to offer, when receiving your order we perform a quality check of all inks, and offer free shipping. Due to this, and the timely process to manufacturing your inks, we do not accept exchanges or returns. 

Thank you for visiting my listing. Message me if you have any questions.

Customer Reviews

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shani pratt (Camden, US)

[****] | Cosmos Ink®

Savitree Ramsami (Columbus, US)

This ink is great in my Sawgrass@ the colors definitely pop

sherry posey (Sumter, US)
Great shipping, Carts not so good.

Fast shipping. I have used the carts before with no problem but this time no luck. Reached out to everyone I could with no luck. Got so upset I sold my printer and bought an Epson. No problems now but I did not use Cosmo ink in my new printer. Customer service was not what I expected.

Jerome Randall (Park Forest, US)

SG400/SG800 Cartridges | Cosmos Ink®

Nicole Silvis (Leonardtown, US)
So glad we found you!!!

I wish I had known about you when I first started subbing 6 years ago!! I have wasted so much $$$!!! I use you for all 3 of my printers

Deborah Harris (Atlanta, US)

Great customer service

Paula Nichols (Salisbury, US)
Great Service

I was having an issue with my new ink. Cosmos Rep offered great service and everything was taken care of. I am ready to place another order today for more ink and paper. I will definitely be a returning customer from here on out. Thanks Cosmos Ink, Keep up the great work!

Janet Grundy (Dayton, US)
I love cosmos ink

This ink is a game changer. I was using the Sawgrassink and cosmos ink is brighter. I love it and will use it from now on.

Neverrea Ward

Works great!

Angel Ramdorsingh (Kansas City, US)
Sawgrass crashed

Customer service was amazing but as soon as I put the ink in my printer it crashed. I reached out to Sawgrass and of course they can't help because I used a 3rd party ink. Reached back out to cosmos and they said there is nothing they can do. $175 wasted with cosmos, 349 spent on the proper ink in hopes of it working again and the cost of a new printer later I am praying that my printer isn't dead for good. Verified Reviews Badge
Verified Reviews