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StarFall™ DTF Auto Shaker / Curing Machine

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As the demand of DTF printing increases, so does your workload! With that being said, the only thing slowing you down is printing on sheets and curing each one. We finally have a solution for you to eliminate that process! It's been a long time coming, and now it's finally here!! I present to you, StarFall™. With this all-in-one solution, you'll have a mini DTF printing line in the comfort of your home, office, storefront, or almost anywhere with a power source!

How Does it Work?

If you're using a standard desktop printer and printing on rolls of film, this component will apply the powder, shake off the excess, and heat to cure the powder. All AUTOMATICALLY. There's a catch roll at the end of the line, so when notified via sensors, the film gather rollers will start and/or stop automatically. Thus leaving the film at a perfect height for powder application however with enough slack to allow the printer to finish the job without tension. 

What comes with this package? LITERALLY EVERYTHING! 

  • 1 Auto Shaker / Curing Machine (w/ 3 month warranty)
    • 1 2.2 lbs Bag of Flaw1ess Powders DTF Powder (White)

Complimentary Items!

  • 1 Modifed Epson R2000 DTF Printer (complimentary item)(no warranty)
    • 1 Acro Rip 10.0 Dongle (complimentary item)(no warranty)
    • 1 Box of Cosmos Ink DTF Ink Kit
    • 1 Roll of Ambition Crafting™ Film
  • Why are the printers complimentary? Find out here (fast forward to 7:25):

What sets us apart from our competition?

  • Compact
    • This unit is perfect for small areas. The entire unit is 53" x 25" x 22.5" (4'5" x 2'1" x 1' 10.5").
  • Printer Stand
    • Need somewhere to sit your printer? No worries. Our printer stand is 22.75” x 13” and will give your printer a platform to print directly into the powder machine. 
  • Exhaust Vent
    • While your print cures, fumes will be generated during the curing process. The best way to get rid of these fumes is to open a window and get fresh circulation, or connect a 2" diameter vent hose to our 2" diameter circular vent and connect it to an exhaust vent leading to outside. 
  • Powder Recycling Tray
    • As the powder is shaken off the film, the excess powder will fall into a collection tray where the powder can be reused. 
  • Standard Power Supply
    • Our machines come with a standard 110 volt 3-prong plug. 
  • Adjustable Speed Functions
    • With 2 knobs, you have the power to fine-tune and adjust the speed of your powder dispersion and shaker. 
  • Programmable Temperature
    • Set adjustable temperature control panel. Temperature range from 0-400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Automatic Film Gather
    • As your film comes our of the oven, this piece will automatically roll your film onto a hard carboard tube for collection. 
  • Lightweight:
    • Compared to a lot of other Auto Shakers on the market, ours is extremely lightweight and compact. It also boast a 4 wheel adjustable lock system just in case for easy maneuverability. 
    • Printer: 42.75 lbs.
    • Auto Shaker: 76.74 lbs.
    • Auto Shaker w/ Printer: 119.52 lbs. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Benni Douglas (Byron, US)

StarFall™ DTF Auto Shaker / Curing Machine | Cosmos Ink®

Q.W. (Albany, US)

Even though the printer was "free". I'm sure it was in the cost somehow. I've had nothing but problems with it since day one. Lines in the print from the first print, Tried everything that the group suggested, which I later found out, it needs a printhead. The dusting/ shaker unit doesn't cover the whole image (the right side is left with no powder on it). The curing oven heats up in spots, leaving some spots cured and others not. When you ask questions in the group, only other members try to help ( I appreciate them). But there is no feedback or assistance at all from anyone else. The setup usb is hard to follow since it is a general setup and not specified for this particular setup. Although its "doable" it would have been nice to have something for this setup for the newbies such as myself. The acrorip didn't work AT ALL ( asked about it but received no feedback, I ended up buying cadlink.

Alexis Bryson (Hampton, US)

The instructions are not simple at all.. No technical support to help get it set up. Paid for technical support and now the thing keeps clogging. Don’t waste your money

Brittany Sloan (St Louis, US)

Do not waste a dime on this product or their ink. It is ruining printers and the company is silencing those that speak up. Their white ink has ruined print heads.
SO MANY people have had so many issues with their syarfall system. My shaker barely works half the time.

Print heads are 1200 bucks.

Buy at your own risk. Support another company.
Printer worked 2 days.


Do not buy this! 3 weeks after purchase & it’s not working!

Sheretta Anderson (Atoka, US)
Awesome printer and curer/shaker

My experience with picking up my shaker/curer was awesome. Excellent customer service. Excellent printer, curer, and shaker.

T.J. (Villa Rica, US)
Takes a while to get setup and learn but great start up package.

Comes withe everything you need. Instructions could be a lil more simplified but all in all a great starter package. It definitely has a learning curve, but mostly with the software and options. Machine works well. Happy with the complete package purchase. Came with the printer, 6 bottles of inks, large roll of film, large bag of powder adhesive, and of course the shaker-oven combo. Everything arrived in great condition and pre-assembled. 5 stars from my wife and I.

Sammy Coons (Augusta, US)
Worth the Investment

I've been wanting to get into the DTF game for several years, but I didn't know if it would be worth the costly investment for the machines I had been looking at. While at a local event a friend of mine told me about his recent purchase of Cosmo's Ink StarFall machine and how much he loved it. I checked out Cosmo's videos and read a few comments about it and decided to pick one up. After getting it setup and putting it to use I quickly knew that this was a worth while investment for my business. My production time has increased greatly due to the StarFall. Worth the investment!

Christian Tyson (Carrollton, US)
Love it! Just what we needed!

I love my StarFall! I was tired of manual shaking on adhesive and curing in the convection oven. Purchasing StarFall most definitely increased my productivity. And to be able to go to Cosmos Inl and pick up put the icing on the cake! I love it here!

Kim E. (Lithonia, US)
Great machine

I recently purchased the Shaker/ Curing machine from Cosmos to upgrade my t shirt business, I’m new to DTF I knew it would be a new venture and I’m glad I decided to go this route it has definitely help me step my t shirt game up ! Verified Reviews Badge
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